i miss you best friend

5 years and still counting :')

its almost 3 years we havent met each other.
oh bukan lah semua. i sorang je.
mereka selalu jumpa. :(

jangan lah salahkan i yang duduk sangat jauh berbanding org lain ni.
i sangat rindukan mereka, setiap saat setiap masa. tak pernah lupa tau.

i sangat jahat dan sangat patut di tendang laju-laju.
menjadi kawan yang sangat tak hebat dan pelupa.

i minta maaf kawan - kawan for being such a loser friend.
and i dont know why it happens.

Zanna - sorry for not call. sorry for the judgement. sorry for not msg.
Faed - sorry for not call back & sorry for replying.
Lili - sorry for not replying & sorry for the dull birthday wishes. :(
Dekna - sorry for the ignoring. so sorry.
Ieda - sorry for so malas replying ym. sorry for not save your new number.
Niza - sorry for being rude. sorry for not understand. sorry for the no thingy.
kak pah - sorry for not even trying to contact you.
Emy - sorry for not the meet up thingy.
Aida - sorry for the judgement. sorry for not forgive.
Amoi - sorry that i do not give support. sorry for not pick u up at sec 2.

im being such a loser kan?
gila kawan yang tak guna kan? kan?

minta maaf kawan-kawan.
i never forget all of you.
the memories we had together, such the best thing happen in my life.
i can never find this sweet little friendship again.

i know that now we sometimes have this biar lah feeling.
but i promise nothing will let us fall apart.
i love u all. and i always do.


Zeeqa Jalil said...

muke tak matang .haha

dianna said...

i hate you too qaqaaa. tibe2.