How to get many friends on myspace?

here i will give you a tips if you are dying to have 14000 friends
on myspace. and if you want hundred of comment on your photo,
you can follow my tips too. ;) ah ha and tips are for girls only.

1. of course your pictures. if you want somebody to add you
or to comment your photo please take your pictures and show
some boobies. auwww sweet. or show some lurah. people will
comment your pictures and of course will add you.

2. take your pictures show some leg or your underwear.
and make a quiz about your underwear. example please
list how many cartoons character on my underwear. :)

3. you must take your pictures with your singlet on or
with your cute little boxer and tonggek your bontot
sedikit so that people will ouh ahh wow with your pics.

4. take pictures in swimming pool or any super bash party
and hold any bottle or hold any cigarette and make your
pouty face or vain baby face. it works. trust me.

oh enough lah people. tired pretending giving tips. HAHA
are you desperate enough to acting like this to make
people add you? some people are. oh and dont you feel
shame? at all? oh pity you. that why i said anak melayu
berperangai seperti Hollywood.


MIRA said...

jenuh laa nk pakai mcm tuh. hehe

Inora Putri. said...

agreed. i finally got bored of myspace. =)

oh btw, hello. =)

hannamaruku said...

one word, pathetic.

ween said...

u r sooo right Dianna!
herm herm mahu 1000 friends juga,
maybe i should try ur tips?

sasha* said...

eee tolongla nk buat cmni.mcm desperate sgt je kn.kdg2 tu yg bertudung pn sama teruk.tak sedar kn diorg ni yang.buat malu je :/

farah said...

tak payah la dear amek gambar camtu,

geli i menengoknya.


sumpah geli.

bajet hot.




i suka sangat entry ni.

dianna said...

haha tahu xpe. semua pun same je kan.
biar lah mereka itu. hehe