Pre-raya update :)

annoying gila tajuk entry pre raya update. macam artis pulak.
haha anyway, i am so happy today because i had so much
fun today and the main thing is i got everything that i wish for
before i turn 21 years old ;)

i cant wait for raya tomorrow. cant wait wearing my new
baju raya and wearing new shawl and snap A LOT of pics.
and i dont know why i become so lazy today.
im very lazy to reply all raya msg that i got. HAHA
okay its not because i dont remember you guys who sent
me the msg, it just me being so malas and im sorry.
nanti esok atau kejap lagi i reply lah ye kawan-kawan.

owh and its so great when i got what i want before i turn 21.
so, i decided to make a new wish list. tehee
but i will just keep it in my mind, i dont really want to
go for it, because i think, things come when we are not
expect it. kan? kan?

okay so bubye for now dear friends, blogger, myspacer, fb-er,
and all my friends or anyone who know me.

in this world. :) i hope all of us will enjoy this raya.

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