* her name is milan. and i miss her damn much :'(

hello good people. how is your day? i hope everyone is happy
and stay in a good health :)

i do have flickr account about a year ago but i dont update.
and i dont know why now i feeling photography can be a
good medicine for me lately and i decide to upload it in my
flickr account. i do view other people photo too and i just
want to said that all flickr members are very talented.

i just start my Flickr so dont expect too much. i will
update it so that you people can give comment about it.
kan? kan? flickr sangat best.

here your photo stream will look like.

you also can change the layout. great kan?

you also can organize your picture by just dragging your picture to the
empty space. its fun.

you also can set your picture, its more organize and make people
easy to view your photos.

&&& you also can edit your pictures with Picnik.
owh its such a great tool.

i think flickr is rather better than deviantart kan? sebab the pictures
view more large and it has great tool and better security.
try flickr and visit mine. :)


MIRA said...

comey doh milan nih.

farah said...

u tangkap sendiri ke gambar tu?

cantik tau!


dianna said...

mira : haha kau tgh ah auntie die ni. lagi comel kan? hehe

farah : aah farah. cantik? uish banggo den. :D

ღn0n0iღ said...

Kalau jumpa Milan ni, memang bakal kena cubit lah ngan Noi ni..

dianna said...

hehe tahu xpe :D

fitriah said...

nice pic! :)

dianna said...

thank you :)