Happy Birthday Bestfriend :)

say hye hye to birthday girl : roselinawati :)

we have been through thick and thin for more than 3 years and
still counting.maybe, people will notice that we are not that close
but only GOD know how much i love her.i tell her everything and
you could not imagine it. :) anyway kawan baik tak semestinya
sama2 setiap masa kan?

anyway happy birthday rose. sorry lambat wish.
and i hope you will get whatever u want in your life.
good luck in everything you do. and insyAllah, i will
be with you up side down. love you :)


Y ē ï Ʀ k ï F ® said...

hepi bufday rose

dianna said...

die ckp thanks kot :)

sasha* said...

happy bday to her :)

Luth Textile said...

solo ke dia? i pon solo.. gogooggo