I hate you.

yes. nak menunjuk :)

okay sorry this post may be so emo-is-tic and u will hate this.
anyway i hate her. i hate to see her face n i cant even hear
her name. i hate the way she talk, i hate the way she smile.
i hate everything about her. so, now u can see that i hate her.

sekarang blogging dah tak best sebab banyak perasaan kena
jaga. waktu mula2 nak ckp, ape aku peduli but anyway
people have feeling kan? anyway i still hate her. with all
my heart. thank you :)

i dont have so much friends but i have the real one. i dont
bother if i dont have friends for movies, shopping, gossiping,
sleep or even watching tv. i dont even care. because i know
i have friends that will always be with me up side down.
i know you are showing off. i know you trying to look cool.
i know you want me WOAHH me. but i dont. please note that.

u dont have happy and perfect family as u said. u just dont.
look at yourself. you even hate your sister kan?
u just have to climb the mountain harder to become me.
oh and i will make it hardest. i know who i am. and you dont.
i hate narrow minded people. i hate people who easily be influence.
and that is all your friends. u talk bad thing about me &
separate it to your friends and they judge me.

its funny anyway when you get so much space here in my blog.
i just want to say that i hate you.i know you will be reading this.
and i know you will do the same. u will click the new post button
and start writing about me kan? pathetic. euww u disgusting.

oh anyway i tahu you nak tahu sgt. i tak beli baju beratus-ratus.
sebab i rasa tak worth it. haha yang penting beg i guess :)


sasha* said...

yang,u ckp psl i ke yg u hate tu?huhu

btw,i nk bgtau u yg ntahla.kisah kita mcm sama la.i mcm dh tak heran takde girls day out ke apa.sbb ramai yg plastic.and sy asyik kene jaga hati org je.

ah biarla u nak letak beg guess u kan.blog u biarla org nak kata apa yang.i pn ada je kene ada kwn ckp i show off.dia tak ckp sape tp i tau ;).mmg i show off pn suka hatila blog i kan

you have my back and i have yours


dianna said...

no. i dont hate you and never hate you dear. :)

yeah. kita sama but pedulik ape lah mereka nak ckp ape pun kan? kan?

yes yes dont worry. you have my back tooo :))

ღn0n0iღ said...

OK, maybe out of topic but..
Kadang kan dianna.. Noi pelik lah tengok sesetengah orang berkawan..
Like..so plastik.
Pastu leh plak terang2 cakap kat orang

"Saya bukan ikhlas pun kawan ngan dia, saya kawan ngan dia sebab ____ (adalah sebab untuk kepentingan sendiri)"

Bukan le nak judge orang tapi once dia dah cakap camtu..macam berat hati nak jadikan dia kawan. Kalau ngan orang dia leh buat, apalagi ngan kita yang mendengar apa yang dia cakap tu kan?

Pedulikan le apa orang nak buat atau nak cakap. ^___^
Just be yourself, and be happy.

dianna said...

yeah me too. ade my plastic friend ni ckp kan. die sanggup jadi hipokrit asalkan still berkawan. i mean wth kalau u pretending mcm mane friendship nak jd smooth kan? hish ntah lah. i benci betul org2 yg mcm ni.

chipsmore said...

nak jugak beg guess...nanti saya datang curi yee..

klik klik iklan nuffnang anda ;)

dianna said...

haha amek lah dear :)

thanks. will click yours.

sasha* said...

beg guess u lawa dear.tp i tak sesuai pakai.heee :P

dianna said...

hehe xpe xpe. nnt u cri yg sesuai k :)

Nur Renaddia Redzuan said...

kak long, sape pmpuan tu? bgthu adik sikit. hm tak pe, beg die msti tak guess pnye. haha cool cool.

dianna said...

haha tahu xpe. mane lah die mampu nak beli beg guess agaknya dik. haha