Why should i bother?

* kan best kalau dunia kaler pink.

hye its been a while since i talk about my heart right?
please allow me to spend about 5minutes here to talk
about that. as you know, im human too, i make mistake
and so do you. i never spent so much time to give my
heart time to hurt or cry because of something or
someone, im tend to be strong to everyone because i dont
usually cry and i usually HAHAHAHAHA till forever.

i always think about people rather than taking care about
my heart, and i think it is not okay. and i think everyone
do not know that i think about their heart rather than mine
and that why they act like they dont care and of course never
appreciate it. i always worry when my close friend or someone
who live near me hugry or have any problem, i will worry.
im serious but maybe i do not show like i care but of course
im super worry here. if im the who always take care of your
heart, who will take care of my heart back there?

i think for the time being, its enough for me to take care for
everyone heart and being a little angle here because i think
nobody notice it. i want to be me but i cant. i dont love
pretending because i think its hypocrite and hypocrite is
cheating and i hate people who cheat and why should i?
anyone seems so okay with its-all-about-me life and
why should i bother anymore? it is okay for me for being
less care from now?


sasha* said...

kdg2 kita kene jaga perasaan org lain dr jaga hati sndiri kan.saketlah dear.apapun u kene pikir hati u jugak ok?let them be..

dianna said...

okay babe. i think, i can manage it now :)