2012 : A must watch movie

and as i said, i will watch this movie and  i watched it. :)
its superb. every single thing in the movie i really love it. and yes
i hope everyone will go watch this movie. so that everyone can
appreciate each other. not only your family, your friends or your
love one. but everyone. you will learn to appreciate people. perhaps.

what would you react if there are thousand people die in front of
your eyes? i do cry and i dont know why. its maybe because of
my imagination but i do think. what would i do if this world has come
to an end? to be exact kiamat. do i really ready? i dont. yes i admit.
i dont ready people. boo me. i must change to be a better person.
and i will appreciate people more this time. till then guys. take care.


Hanida Lavida said...

movie of the year ;)
erm nak tanya, kenapa dgn twitter tu?
"macam pukimak". haha
nyebok je i..

s h a r v i na said...

i nk tgk dis movie tp x dpt tiket..
sgt kesian i kn? ;)
xpe, masih ade mase lg..xsaba sgt nk tgk..
sbb sume yg tgk ckp best!

Rara Joe said...

sudah tengok. memang tak berkedip mata lansung :P

nak terkencing pun sanggup tahan sampai 2 jam. LOL.

kuch said...

popcorn aku tak habis mkn pon sbb kagum gila efek2 kiamat smpai lupa makan

sasha* said...

i nak tgk next week hee :)

♥chentaMAYA™ said...

aq tgk da~
cm xbesh sgt~

arque said...

oh.aku belum tengok. T.T