It’s so hard to forgive people when they hurt us. It’s so hard to forgive 
stab-in-the-backs, lies, words that slap our faces. It’s all hard to forgive. 
More often than not, we want to hurt these people, right at the core of 
where they’ve hurt us - our hearts. But I’ve come to realize that hurting
them doesn’t make us better people, it doesn’t make us happier people. 
Why let anger take over our hearts? We know how hurt these people 
have made us feel and it’s precisely for this reason that we shouldn’t
hurt them back. So let go of the anger in your hearts, let go, and open 
your hearts to forgive.


Noorlaila Mohamed Nor said...


fireworks clothing said...

emm sy susah nak maafkan orang.orang pendiam ni org kata pendendam.tak tau lah :)

dianna said...

hehhee sasha sygg bukan pendemdam. kdg2 kite simpan kat dlm terlampau sgt. jadi bile kelaur, die jd cam evil sikit. hhehe