hai semua orang :) anyway i am so happy today. i already finish
my exam for sure. tehee and now i at Putrajaya with sister. <3
cant wait for tomorrow, i want to watch 2012, Pisau Cukur, Phobia
& Time traveler's wife. haha yeah i know. lembab gila kau ni.
orang lain semua dah tengok kau baru nak terhegeh-hegeh tengok.
haha who care anyway?

and i am very excited to move in to my new house :) :) yeah double
smile for my new house. i love love the house and i hope eveything
will be better and greater this time. i dont want problem and i dont
want to create any problem. please this time i dont want think about
anything except for my life, my family and my new house for sure.

sorry for the very random update before. im just too busy and i dont
have any idea what to blog about. erm. my sgtBAIK online blogshop
has been hacked. yes people i cant acess my blog and really feel disappointed
with that. anyway, its okay. i dont mind. :)

till then people. i want to edit pictures for my friend and i want
to watch korean movie. bye.


fitriah said...

byk gile nk tgk! heee

wax_men said...

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farah said...

dah abes exam?

waa, bestnya.

pasnie leh tgk movie puas2.