2010 are great :)

fuhhhhh its been about a week kan i tak update blog. ada orang notice tak?
no??? how dare you. okay joking. ive been busy with my life and everything
turn great and i hope it will be this great for another ermm forever. boleh?
sorry lah sebab update2 je terus update pasal my so-called-life kan? very the
sorry. i just feel like i must update about my life sometimes. kan? kan?

okay. my life, apa ek. house are great except for the tekanan i rendah. but its
okay, we will find the solution asap :) housemate? OMG THEY ARE GREAT.
class? great as usual, kelas baru, kawan baru, lecturer baru. classmate? oh
they are awesome, friendly, LOUD of course and entertaining. lecturer? best
sangat. best sangat sangat. semua sporting, funny and happy go lucky. enough
said its nealy perfect everything is almost perfect. :) insyAllah.

eh apekah ini gambar blur dan tak berkualiti? biasalah kamera depan weh.
kamera depan weh. semuanya blur tahu tak? i just had my dinner makaroni
with chilli sauce ya Allah sumpah sedap. cant wait to go back to Shah Alam
and start monday class. yipppeee :D


Aisya J said...

Very pretty la you! :)

niknuradila said...

ahaha, sis, i noticed jugak lama sis xupdate belog. hehe. btw, akak stdy kt ne ea?

sasha* said...

ni shawl pashmina ke dianna?

Pisyek said...


ni musti amik ngn henset kamera cap VGA kan3???

javakios said...

bisnis pulsa elektrik modal 100 rb untung jutaan !