Dont act like a kid.

well this entry not suppose to colour my 2010 of course. but
what can i say? sometimes people not moving. move on people.
dont act like a kid, dont act like a school children fighting for their
boys. come on, wake up. im 21 and of course im old enough to
act like a kid. same goes to you. okay i hate it. i hate it when im
the one who have to talk tou about this thing.you yourself actually
have to realize that you have to wake up from your fantasy or your
wet dream or anything you like to call.

friends dont stick together.im not going to bathroom, gym or shopping
with my best friend. i do it with my friends. because i believe in
" berkawan biar seribu" and i just realize that you dont. i realize that
you are type of person that stick with your ONLY friend than she is
your world and you ignore other people, you ignore everyone feeling
and you think that you are good enough because you have your ONLY
friend. dont sulk when i dont want to be your classmate, roommate,
or anything like that with you. because you are not my ONLY friend.
and we are not children, i dont cry if my friend ignore me when im
being annoying because we matured enough to know that the reason
for the person be annoying because they have their own feeling and
we dont know EXACTLY what they feel.they have their own reason.
what we need to do is understand.

no, i dont hate you. because you are my friends, well one of my friends.
and i love all my friends. so, move on.


Ery Farieha said...

grrr. i hv frens yg cmni. aduii. sll nak sulking psl mende2 remeh.huhu

Eyriqazz said...

kawan sejati susah dicari

Great Teacher Onizuka

Eyriqazz said...

biasalah hidup berkawan..tak lari dari masalah...don't take it seriously k?

Great Teacher Onizuka