Dear everyone,

supposedly, everyone should know that people tend to change.
its either negative or positive changes but still its something that
related to change. did you ever experience suddenly you dont
know who actually your friend are? i mean in term of their
attitude, its seems different somewhere and you cant figure it
out. and then you realize that she/he change.

what im trying to explain here, we should accept people for who
they are. it must be a reason why people change and it must be
a reason why they act like this and that. we just have to understand.
dont give too much and dont give high hope. because one day
you will get hurt. believe me. did you know that you cant trust
people ( except your family ) 100%? did you know that sometimes
people feel bored and change? yes they are. because its what life
should be, everything will not remain same forever, everything will
change and you yourself also will change. it just complicated to
explain when your loved one being someone else in just a blink.

then what should we do? we accept and understand. because that
what friend for. to understand and accept for whom they are.
just be a good friend and i believe one day, someone will notice
that it is what friend should do.


Redbloodsnow said...

yuppp!!! setuju. MUST ACCEPT PEOPLES WHO THEY ARE...inside out. Nice post, D :)

«-°[§nºw.ªngè£]°-» said...

true ^^

lassiegewdix said...

bese lerh sygs .
mase berubah , manusia pun berubah .
win2k :)

lieya orange M.I. said...

...cant trust people 100%...=D

Anonymous said...