I really need......

well, note the word need not want yeah.
things change and i think i really need this right now.

1. easy access to my email wherever i am.
2. easy publish/update my facebook's fan page.
3. easy update my blog wherever i am. and i will easily post any
pictures that i want to sell before im buying it ( because i still at the kedai )
and get feedback from my customer before i buying it.

............. okay nanti kalau ade reason lagi, i update sini.

this post is for papa. ;)


Anonymous said...

waahh! this post is for papa. aku berharap betul papa kau mengerti maksud post ko nie. hahaha.

lepas nie "i'm home" via Blackberry.
tak pon. "I hate Ieya" via UberTwitter. wakakakaka

Naddia Redzuan said...

ahhh tak yah, adik dulu :)

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...

leceh je tgk bapak aku pakai. takyah arr

Cik Akma said...

nakk jugakk. blekberi is awesome! :D

¿n0die? said...

papa baca tak ni? ;D