Put yourself in other shoes.

then you will know what it feel......

sometimes i nak jadi seorang yang taknak masuk campur taknak
ambil tahu. taknak ambil peduli dan buat bodoh diatas setiap perkara
yang berlaku dekat depan mata i. but its impossible weh, how could
you put your veil of ignorance if that something happen to someone
close. not really that close but close enough said.

actually, do everyone know what friendship actually mean? its not 
only LOL together but a real friend is one who walks in when the 
rest of the world walks out. i think friend will stick together no matter
happen, i think friend is someone who we can rely on if others
turn their back on. i think friend is someone who accept us for
who we are. i think friend is someone who understand, i think
friend is someone who will shout out loud when we done stupid
thing. i think friend is someone who will always be there.

im not saying that friends must stick together, friends must eat,
sleep, hangout, wacthing tv, study together. im not saying that.
friend is someone who understand eventhough it just a little 
speak in out heart. well, im not having this friendship problem,
but i see others ( someone close ) have this stupid problem.
and im sad because i love all of them. i want everyone be friends,
happy, in love and succeed because they are loved. 

why dont you put yourself in your friend shoes, than you will know
what actually going on. than you know that your friend have
something that you dont know and you actually misjudged.
can you please think what is more important and can you
please think before you do and speak anything? i dont want
to judge you, but i think its wrong. and it just so so so wrong.
i dont want to fake smile, i dont want to fake laugh. dont make
me fake my smile and laugh when im with you. because it 
could be horrible, everyone know i cant fake smile. then if i
cant, it will mean that i dont smile.

senang cakap, jangan habis madu sepah di buang lah.
and you may make new friends but keep the old one, 
bcause one is silver and the other gold.

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sasha* said...

i dh penat dgn istilah friendshit ni dear.i rasa lg seronok life i dgn kazaa je :)