Busy moddddd :(

sorry for crapping much this past few days, its because ive been so
busy with work and loved lately. business being great and i think i
need to slow down since final is just around the corner and i need to
get dean list this sem so that my future will be as bright as i wish. ;)

im just sooooo tired this past few days well its because of the
workloads and quiz, test, project paper, assingment that i should
submit/do within this week.my eyes become black, my eye-bag is
going to pop-up, my back hurt, my face become oily, everything
seems perfectly worse but i think i manage to handle that.
come on lah. saya kan kuat.

peopel change and i have to deal with it. i realize that promises
can be broken just as quick as they are made. and you will know
your friends is the real friend or not when she asks you whats wrong
and when you tell her nothing, she stay there, waiting for the real reason.
i just believe that people not talk with their heart. if something went
wrong with my best friend, i rather stay. :) it just soo hard to believe
that i losing my best friend. but its okay. there are something more
important :')


Anonymous said...

best friends are forever... =) take care of ur self.. busy to much can make u unwell.. ^_^

lassiegewdix said...

be strong sygs :)