Choosy me.


sorry for ignoring shout box chat, comment and any friendly email asking
about how-to-things. seriously, im superbly busy with my final. and people
may feel weird why im still updating my blogshop, in the situation that im
superbly busy kan? well as you can see, its my first priority and attention
must first focus on my blogshop of course. :)

final being superbly okay. study hard work on me and i hope people
can pray everything will run smoothly for me because there are another
3 papers and i working really hard towards it. not enough sleep and my
back hurt so much but its okay if i can get good result because of it. heee

today im going to talk about my lovelife. haters please, dont ever try
judge. i dont need any of your judgment. there are several people
walk in and out in my life. i dont give much hope, i dont trust people,
i cant forgive people, i dont tolerate with simple mistake, i want
everything to be perfect, i dont want things to go out of my way, 
i dont want to understand if people hate their parents, i dont want to
know the reason why they become this and that... all i want to know
that the person must love their parent, its okay to withdraw money at
any atm machine as long as it meps, doesnt care about the RM1 charge.
drive fast but i still can feel safe, rock and lovable at the same time,
dont ask about my fb password, hold my hand in public while im laugh
the hell out of my ass, make me laugh, not so sensitive, remember Allah,
singing my favorite song and the list go on and on and on....

yeah im choosy. demanding for perfect creature yet im not. not even
near to perfect. it just me. if there is one man in my life that i fall for
make sure you have to deal with me which my first priority will not
be him but my family,blogshop and then him. unless his is my husband
then he can be number one in my list. :) what make things worst i cant
tolerate simple mistake as i have mention above. i just cant deal with it.
for me, if its wrong. why you do it? if you know doing that something
something will make me hurt or will make things miserable why still 
do it? i hate people make things complicated, i believe in change the
problem into opportunity like papa always said. for example if you
order something that the waiter give you wrong order, ask him nicely
to change it, dont make your face and unmannerly ask him to change
your food. or for make things easy why dont just take the food,you
have a chance to try something new. 

or if you ordered you dinner and its been more than half and hour
you have waited and you are starving like hell. dont make your
face and babbling something that the person who responsible to 
serve cant hear. ask them nicely. nobody in this world want to 
make things worst. there are no way for restaurant to serve you
poorly because they expected the best for you. you are their
customer. well, just understand. change the problem into the

i would like my man to be like that for exact like papa.
papa is the most amazing man i ever met and if there are any 
chance that i will ever meet another man like papa it will be
gratefully great :) things will be in their perfectly way and 
i do not have to be perfect to fit in. yes i know this is random
loooongg post babbling but i just want to make it clear why 
it is love my dad and what type of man i will fall for.

yes, i know that im not that perfectly perfect. that why i
dont find love. kalau ada jodoh ade lah. jodoh pertemuan
kan di tangan tuhan, kalau takde dekat dunia, insyAllah 
akhirat nnt ada :)


arekymz membuyau said...

i like the last word from you..
it makes me feel better..

Syazwan Sadali said...

nice post ;]