i cry for...

din beramboi. :'(

im a huge fan of yasmin ahmad but when she gone i feel empty inside.
yes just empty. its not ripped my heart or what it just gone and i will
be just like that.

then comes din beramboi, he gone and it ripped my heart. im speechless.
and i cry for him. i just cant believe cant accept for exact. oh maybe its
because he is the only person that make me laugh in the car. everyday
yes everyday, i will not missed even the single bit about sawancara and
drama sebabak era. it just so fucking funny and i only laugh because of
him. because of him. he never fail to make me laugh.

when i heard about his critical condition, i know that he will gone. soon.
yes i already know, because life is not a dream and Allah sayang dia.
berapa ramai orang dah dia gembirakan dan dia berjaya buat orang
ketawa, he is treasure. even aznil cant beat him. al fatihah.


lassiegewdix said...

al-fatihah :(

lala♥ said...

al fatihah

faiz y. said...

sungguh sedih!
pape pun, hidup kene truskan, al fatihah utk arwah.