Semua orang berlumba2 nak jadi redmummy

okay no offense. for the superbly busy day in the world, i do not
have chance to reply all the comment and replying hye at the shout
box, but i promise i will do that after my final. promise.
but im just soooooo addicted in blogging so everyday, i will try
to read every blog that in my link, and some random blog that i
think nice. but everyone seems to be red mummy? why eh?

do you know how red mummy achieved all that? its because she
honest and really into blogging world. but there are SEVERAL
people that update their blog everyday and talk about crappy
things. kadang - kadang rasa nak tergelak, sebab nak sgt update
blog setiap hari, sampai main ckp je pasal benda ntah ape2.
so fucking funny weh.

well, no offense lah yerk. kalau ada yang terasa hati, baik muhasabah
diri. byeee :)


lassiegewdix said...

angkt tgn !
x paam redmummy tuh ?
ngeeeh ~

lassiegewdix said...

wow !~
redmummy hawt .