I like guys who....

family oriented. :)

I like a guy that appreciates his family, because that is the base of
everything. It’s definitely a turn on, a plus. It’s even better when he
likes playing with his younger cousins, or taking care of the babies
and the younger ones.

My parents have to like you, as well as my uncles & cousins.
They’re opinion of my significant other is important. I want you to be
able to hang out with me and my family, and I want you to be at
my family parties. Vice-versa, I want to be able to be close with
your family(:

Can’t be with me if you aren’t family oriented. deal with it. :)

yes yes. im not perfect. but who cares?


Syazwan Sadali said...


Nurulbadiah lai Mohd Ramli Lai said...

great post..
me as well..
ast yang i akn tgok..klu nk jdi suami i..die kena bercirikan kekeluargaan..
penting tuk kebahagian kite..

Awien said...

:) comel jeeee dianna! hehe
family-oriented guy