i only fear my lord Allah.

salam semua. boleh tak ambil masa 5 minit je untuk dengar lagu ni?
terima kasih.

Has there ever been a time when it was time to pray, And you were...
With a group of people at that time of day,
Maybe with a group a buddies who know nothing bout Salat, Or yet a...
Teacher or a boss, someone you do respect a lot.
And you wished to take a moment, but you knew not what to say,
Your afraid that they will look back in that funny type of way.
Da fellows kinda loco, from somewhere in morocco,
A backwards brotha man, to respect him is a no-no.
Fear in your eyes, you feel the butterflies,
You feel the aprehension and you want to compromise. They will...
Think that I'm an ignorant, lowly type of indigent,
Camel riding, always fighting, crazy kinda immigranat.
You stay and do not pray because you fear what they will say,
You forget Allah is greater than a person made of clay.
Lord of all the heavens and lord of all the sky,
And you go and fear a creature that is someday gonna die.
I think we underestimate, who controls our very fate,
We say that hes our lord, but we forget that he is very great.
Cause Allah is always with us doesnt matter where we are,
Now you feel so confidant cause you only fear Allah,

I only fear my lord Allah,
I only fear my lord Allah.

Fee Fie Fo Fum, Boom here I come,
You think I'm gonna fear you, when I'm scared of no human.
Of course I do respect and give my love to everyone,
But I fear nobody but Allah until my live it done.
I believe Allah is one, with no partner and no son,
I really do respect you, so I hope you understand.
Your religion may be different but yo, mine is Al-Islam.
I know what my Lord wants from me by reading the Quran.
A guide to every man, go read it if you can,
But I'll never go against it even if you beat me dumb.
I'm proud to be Mus-lum, I think it lotta fun,
The best way to explain is that its not a religion.
A whole way of living, the best way of giving.
A perfect sensiblity and stop to misbehavin'
So I'll never never ever, put you higher than my Lord,
Cause I only fear Allah, and with this I'm reassured.

I only fear my lord Allah,
I only fear my lord Allah

I'm thinking about the muslims who are so willing to represent,
Cause some of them giving the da'wa,
Giving the word whereever they went.
Bringing the people to Qur'an, whatever they do their faith is strong,
Helping to show the true Islam,
cause here in the states they show it wrong.
I really like to hear, that Muslims everwhere,
Are not afraid to go to school with cool Islamic wear,
That sisters never fear, to become hijabi there,
Brother with Islam caps, steada gike gear.
No pressure from their peers, they keep their mind clear,
Now folks who think Muslims are terrorists are getting rare.
So I aint no chicken, afraid of a licken*
Afraid to represent and be down with the mission*
Like Bilal the companion, when the time care around,
Never feared no-one, he never backed down.
Like Omar mukhtar, I wanna go far,
I gotta keep in mind that I only fear Allah.

I only fear my lord Allah,
I only fear my lord Allah

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