and then i realize.

well, i always want to update this. my blog. and i always stumble in
this first sentence. dont know what to write and end up leaving it all blank.
i dont know what to write because i dont know what so good to write so
that people can read and dont get boring. its because i do blogging for money.
i want people read what i write so i can get money. selfish? yes.

then i realized, why it is for money? i want to write about my life so when
i get older or when i have 12 kids which i always dream of, we can read
it together and we can laugh for my silliness :) so today, i decided i will change
everything. i will close the comment section, i dont want people to judge.
i will write whatever i want, i will not mind if people get boring and i will always fill this
blog with pictures. friends and family will be my top notch stories. i hope you dont mind.

i will try to not mind if my follower decrease, and i dont have readers. i try.

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