Dont make ramadhan an eating contest!

hye. assalamualaikum. its been awhile! 
alhamdulillah, today is a second day puasa and third day terawih. :)
how your puasa going? and how your terawih treat you? 
i hope everyone in a happy mode as ramadhan is a season that we been waiting for.
so much thing i want to do during ramadhan and i hope i manage to do it, and really
hope its not just another cita-cita. *sigh time is gold. no its not gold. its something 
more precious, errmm apa ek? diamond ka? oh no. its your nyawa. so more precious
than emas lah kan? masa mencemburui kita, time is jealous with me heh!
time flying/running so fast, im not able to catch it. ;( 

well, how your iftar guys? it is too meriah? did you eat and then unable to 
perform your terawih? i hope not as clearly in the video, it is what mostly (but not all)
muslim do during iftar. you eat, everything you will eat and then kebatang, cannot
go to terawih. its not healthy and its clearly not a good habit. im here reminding
you and myself. lets change our bad habit and start a new life :)

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