The best handphone I ever had.

hello. assalamualaikum :)

today im going to Penang AGAIN to fetch papa and my sister. yes every week
have to drive to Penang, but nevermind. i love driving so its not a big problem
for me. and despite of that I also got extra money from my mum and dad. so its
double awesomeness. well, actually im going to talk about my blackberry torch which
is i loveeee so much-i-cant-live-without-it. its white and its got pink cover and its
awesome and its double awesome and its great and its make me happy. :D

this handphone-that-make-me-happy got qwerty keypad and also touch screen. its have
big screen (eventhough its not wide and big as iphone) compare to another blackberry 
except storm (i hate storm so much, i could die). its never make me feel, awwrghhh this
phone is going to the wall if its bla bla bla... NEVER  

the battery satisfied me enough. it can last longer 1 day long eventhough you facebooking,
twittering, web browsing, youtubing (HAHAHA), cam-whore, bbm-ing, or do whatever with
your phone its still can last longer for 1 day. yes only 1 day, what you expect ha nigga? its
blackberry duhh...

the touchscreen is magically perfect, i dont have to touch 2 3 times to make it touch (what 
is this??) its have good sense of humor ehh?? its have good sense of touch. haha and
i do really love to use the touch screen of this handphone, never trouble me YET... 
yes, its blackberry torch 9800 not the latest blackberry torch 9810. torch 2 got os7 and
i dont care what os7 can do. i perfectly fine with os6. :)

dont hesitate to buy this blackberry as its give you the butterfly in the tummy, icecream
in the mouth, rainbow in the eyes, sparkling in your face and music in your hear.
exaggerated much? haha yes i am.

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WaA said...

wahhhhhh torch baru :)