K-Drama Review : Fight for my way

Anneyong! Cheh tak betul pun eja tu. Hi semua, its has been a long time. :)

Today, I would like to review this one Korean drama, k-drama lah kita panggil bertajuk Fight for my way. For those yang belum tengok, sila lah tengok sebab its worth it.

I am k-drama lover,  but not that hardcore, kalau cerita merepek, lembab, tak logik i memang takkan tengok. salah satu cerita tak logik bagi i adalah cerita W. paling tak logik & i tak boleh terima. No offense, this is my personal opinion.

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Fight for My way review
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Okay, back to Fight My way, I love this movie because :

1) Its logic in a way that i can accept. 

2) The love story is amazing, between the hero & heroin, and also the second lead, Its a simple love story not a cliche one. Its look natural.

3) Usually in k-drama there is always a bad guy, a real evil, very bad person that will always ache my heart, but in this k-drama the bad person is just a normal type of bad people, which we generally can accept.

4) I love the story line, its not that heavy but its still touch your heart.

5) It has a LOT of message, we can learn a lot from this movie.

6) oh this is cliche, but i really love all the actors, they are good looking. <3

Thats all, its a simple review because I dont want to have any spoiler here. It just worth watching, if i would like to give it a star rating, i will give this movie 8/10. :)

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The hero & heroin

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Second lead, i love them!

Thank you for reading. I will improve my writing. Give me a chance. 

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